Spotted! Clarence Chan


25-year-old Clarence Chan is the founder and thought leader behind Bandwagon, an online live music gig finder that aims to connect you to live music. He graduated from SMU with First Class Honors in Economics & Business and did stints as a Strategist at MTV Asia and overseeing Business Development at Keyboard Theatre.

Bandwagon is his most ambitious project to date and was borne out of a problem Clarence saw in obtaining live music information during his travels in Europe, America and Asia. “I’ve always had a passion for music and the arts. Though an economics and business graduate, I’ve always wanted to apply what I’m learning in my field of interest. My research and papers were skewed in this direction as much as I could and I sought out opportunities to work in music and entertainment firms whenever I could. Finding someone else from my university who’s so bent on adding value and making a dent in the Arts and Entertainment scene is rare, especially amongst my peers who are mostly in banks and financial or government institutions.”

His vision is to connect the world to live music by sourcing and providing the most comprehensive information in the cleanest possible and easiest obtainable manner. “With Singapore as a start, I plan to create a working model and take it to different cities around the world, creating one global platform you can count on for live music information.”

Clarence created this web application within two months from ground up with no prior coding background and no use of templates. He hasn’t earned a cent in 7 months, but Clarence is relishing every moment of building Bandwagon. “The team has expanded from one person to a group of  five bandwagoners who are making this work. Each day we are getting more traction with this simple first prototype from venues, event companies, artistes and most importantly, music lovers.”

Bandwagon has the most comprehensive gig list for Singapore on the web with more than 200 artistes, 50 venues and 30 genre combinations. They send out a weekly compilation of our gig picks and frequently run contests where users can win tickets to catch live gigs for free. “The current product is in beta, and we are currently working on a new look to the site which is more visually stimulating and has features that would make gig finding easier and more exciting. We are also planning to roll out and a mobile app in first quarter 2012. Our dream is to replicate what we are doing in key cities around the world and give users 1 web/mobile application they can depend on for live gig information regardless of the city they are in or going to.”



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