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26-year-old filmmaker Jacky Lee graduated from Swinburne School of Technology, Melbourne in 2010 with a Bachelor degree in Film & Television.

Over the past four years, he has been actively involved in the local film scene, working in the art department on films like Royston Tanʼs “12 Lotus”, Kelvin Tongʼs “Kidnapper” and “Itʼs A Great Great World”. He is currently a part-time lecturer at the Temasek Polytechnic School of Design, which also happens to be his alma mater.

“To be honest, I got into Temasek Polytechnic without any clues of what filmmaking was all about. I only really fell in love with film after I saw Wong Kar Waiʼs “Chungking Express” for the first time. It has this raw energy and charm which I never thought film was capable of capturing. It remains my favourite film to date and it also serves as a constant source of inspiration. I also like films by Gus Van Sant and Michel Gondry. I was working in the local film industry for a while before deciding to leave for Melbourne. I felt that there was a need to get myself out of this comfort zone and at the same time to learn more about film. I came back to Singapore during my semester breaks to continue working on local productions and then head back to resume my studies. It was really tiring but looking back at it, it was probably the most fruitful phase of my life.”

“Wild Fire” is Jacky’s latest work which made it to the finals at this yearʼs Creative Video Awards jointly organised by Singapore Media Academy and Mediacorp Channel 5. “The given theme for the competition was ʻCreating Storiesʼ and the first thing that came to my mind was the broken telephone game I used to play when I was younger. Information is never a hundred percent accurate when passed on via word of mouth. I hear all these rumours and gossips everyday within my neighbourhood and thus it was really easy to pen down the script. It was the first time that I am working with so many actors and actresses because I usually work on music videos or films that are quieter. I had a great time on set because all of them are really good and it made my job a whole lot easier.”

Jacky is currently working on a script for a coming-of-age romantic comedy which he hopes to complete by June 2012. “The script is slowing coming together and it feels like a really fun script. I also hope to release a soundtrack for the film featuring music from local bands.”



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