Spotted! May Lim

This is what the above drawing looks like when you zoom in.

Graphic Designer, May Lim graduated from the School of Art, Design and Media earlier this year. Her works reflect May’s interest in the grotesque, beauty and the memento mori tradition. “More than that,” she continues. “I am interested in creating a space where defined dichotomies are blurred and where seemingly contradictory feelings are simultaneously evoked.”

May would like to call herself an artist, although she is not entirely sure what constitutes an artist. “I enjoy the act of making, and I have a long-life obsession with beauty- different kinds of beauty. I strongly -and perhaps also very naively- believe in art’s ability to emancipate and bring one to a completely different level of existence. The act of making art is hardly cathartic. Oftentimes it is agonizing. But beyond that agony is the chance to have a glimpse of the world mad men live in, something both awe inspiring and horrifying, very much like a Lovecraftian story. It’s those glimpses that make me feel very much alive, and I can ever only get them through making art.”

Terra Infirma: The Filigree Symmetry is a series of 3 pen-works, entirely drawn by hand. Truly jawdropping work from a girl who unquestionably masters the art of detail.



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