Introducing Salvation Sam

“With great super villains comes a great superhero career.” Or so believes Salvation Sam. Led by his somewhat misguided belief to reach the much desired pinnacle of the superhero pyramid, Sam otherwise struggles in a world where being special doesn’t make you super and being a hero is a lot harder than it looks.So imagine trying to be a Super-Hero!

Alexander “yet-to-be-given-a-nickname” Zhao is a Singaporean comic creator and writer. Salvation Sam, was co-created and written with Aravind Menon and subsequently published under Jove Pater Media, an entertainment company which he started together with his secondary school friends. “I consider myself very passion driven, and feel extremely blessed to be making a living through expression of my ideas via the comic medium, which I personally consider a perfect amalgamation of art and story.”

If he isn’t spending his time idea generating for the next comic concept or Salvation Sam, Alexander spends his free time in fantasy worlds. An avid gamer, he has played MMOs such as World of Warcraft for nearly half a decade and does not intend to stop gaming any time soon – “who says adults can’t play games!”

Aravind Menon is a comic creator and writer who has long given up hope on becoming a superhero himself and now makes do with forcing future generations of superhero wannabes with stories of his own. “While generally satisfied with writing superheroes, I continue holding out hope that I would one day find a radioactive beast to bite me. Preferably a tiger. Or a dragon. Maybe even a unicorn.” Aravind is currently working on a new title —Jupiter the Last God—with friend and artist, Alan Leong.

Artist Renzo Rodriguez has spent his entire childhood —all 31 years of them—admiring and studying comic masters like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Dito. “When offered the opportunity to be involved in an independent comic,I grabbed it despite having to jump hurdles like the 13-hour time difference between me and the writers.”

Through Salvation Sam and its free preview issue, the creators hope to reinvigorate the western comic culture in Singapore, one issue at a time.



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