Project Guerilla Graffiti

A new crew has arrived and they’ve been busy painting the town walls. Surprisingly, they are not using spray cans but a projector attached to an iPad. This form of electronic graffiti called projector bombing, is a collab between artist/designer Lun Cheak and photographer Szeling.

“It’s an endeavor to explore what art would look like in a graffiti scarce Singapore, and ‘what if’ Singapore would become more liberal towards graffiti art, Lun explains. “It is also an exploration of graffiti through a different medium, one that is “not illegal”. I create the artwork on my iPad, connecting directly to a projector, and Szeling shoots the work with a Fuji camera. We are making strides in trying to bring attention to our project, maybe through an exhibition.”

What about a digital Street Art Showcase à la Toronto guys? That’d be awesome right?

  • Lalala

    singapore would definitely look edgy.

  • TC

    Love it! This is round it, within, through and at the edge of our SG system. Next challenge, how close can you get and still stay in the system!

  • Crete

    Want to see this on our MRT trains!;)

  • Jon

    Very interesting and innovative. You should post it on this new website and share with the world: The site has friendly feedback loop system and social media sharing tools too.


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