Spotted! Kye Sum

I came across Kye Sum‘s work after he liked a post on our Facebook page. I did a routine Facebook stalker check  -yes that is how we ‘spot’ talents over at Culturepush- and to my utter joy his contact information pointed to a portfolio.

Under the name of Eyk Veg– Kye draws, daydreams, collects cigars, musical baby toys and children picture books. He graduated in Art and New Media, and concentrates mainly on classical animation, sequential art, illustration and video works. His illustration technique is a composite of traditional inking methods, intermixed with graphic software and acrylics.

“I like the idea of  imagination, the coaction of dreams and reality coupled with the nature of corruption, social discomfort, the love for power, humor and melancholy. Telling allegories of life and the subversive perspective of individuals, emphasizing on human and non-human factors. As I am an avid fan of artificial intelligence, zombies and Isaac Asimov, it’s obvious how my works are interpreted. I am currently working on a comic print -Drooling Dreams of a Sadist- to be self-published in a four parts mini-series, and mix media on canvas for two cover artworks in the mini-series.”




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