Spotted! Tok Wei Yuan

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Tok Wei Yuan gradutaed with a diploma in Fine Arts (Sculpture) from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Photography and Digital Imaging) at Nanyang Technological University, and is exploring ways to utilize both disciplines through a series of stop motion animations.

“My work is based on the concept of nature being constantly in a state of flux, and highlights the responsibility and impact of the actions of humanity on the world. The World As We Know & The End Of The World As We Know It, is a collab with Marni Rose Long Dworkin , and addresses the idea of how nature evolves and adapts, changing visually overtime in reaction to changes in their habitats -examples include food supply, climate, invasive species. We believe that this process has become accelerated due to our (humans) actions as a species, to the point where all of nature we know now would be different in someway in the future (either due to extinction or evolution, from something as minor as a longer beak to something as major as a new species hybrid), and all that we would have left of the animals now would be photo and text documentation in fiction and science. And even that, would eventually be lost. Hence, the work is taken to it’s logical conclusion and set on fire. But the act of burning something is also in some fashion, an act of preservation, based on my Chinese heritage, where objects burnt are sent into the keeping of one’s ancestors.”



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