Spotted! Wheniwasfour

With degrees in Communication Design and backgrounds in design and advertising, Adeline, Zhaojun and Li ling -the trio behind Wheniwasfour– keep themselves busy working on a multitude of craft projects. One that caught my eye, are these quirky tote bags featuring some of my favorite foods.

“We met in SIM-RMIT while doing our degree,” Li ling explains, “and we were very much into old school, nostalgic and handmade items. After a few years of working in design and advertising agencies, we decided to pursue our dream. We would love to bring back childhood memories, like old places and objects to people, as they start to disappear in a rapidly growing urban city. We want people to become more aware of and appreciate the little details.  Although handicraft is something back to basics, it is the essences of human touch that makes it so special. Hence, we do hope that people would be able to appreciate the beauty of craft, amidst all commercial products and the continuously advancing technology. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ -a quote from Confucius- we firmly believe in and which keeps our passion ignite.”

The totes as well as many other of their products, are available at The Little Drom Store and online. But if you can hold out, Wheniwasfour will be available at Cats Socrates and Books Actually as of mid December.




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