Philips Future Living Spaces Contest: G-Float Residences

The Most Innovative award at the Philips Future Living Spaces contest went to a team from Singapore Polytechnic, who conceptualized a floating residential cluster to counter the effects of climate change and a lack of space due to increased urbanization.

About their project: “The inspiration for this project is ‘flowers floating on the surface of the water’. The Earth’s surface is predominantly water, which leaves great potential for future development at sea. Resources at sea are plentiful and food can be obtained from marine life. The flower drifting with the currents is the inspiration for mobile living. Small-scale structures come together as a community. The mobile, free floating structures allow for highly convenient and flexible development, where energy can be harvested from sunlight, wind or water currents. This is a solution for possible rising sea levels.”

On the Team: Ho Wing Hong, Nur Syafiqah Masnor, Soh Zheng Xun and Khoo Ru Jun.




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