Spotted! Raswadi Rahmat aka BoNy



Raswadi Rahmat is several people in one. A Marketing and Communications person, an illustrator, a graphic designer and a graffiti artist also known as BoNy.

BoNy has been interested in art since the age of five. He practised his drawing skills on flyers lying around the void deck’s letterboxes. Knowing that art would remain a passion, he furthered his studies at Lasalle, College of the Arts, majoring in Communication Design.

But BoNy’s big love affair is with the wall. “I discovered the art form after a mural opposite my secondary school was ‘vandalised’. I started practising alone, but soon became friends with the other graffiti heads in town.”

BoNy is now representing the Titan Aerosol Creations crew (TAC) and he also owns BoNy Kreativez. His style is distinctively known as ‘Wildstyle’ and he is inspired by the samurais, Hip Hop and movies.

PS: The top image is a collab with Slacsatu.



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