AAF New Editions Exhibition: Fish Jaafar

As an artist, Fish Jaafar believes narratives are most honest when expressed figuratively within a traditional 2D plane. “In my work, I attempt to reflect my sense of the times we are living in, and both how richly interesting they are and how difficult it is for most of us to navigate their uncertainty. They are also explorations of everything under the umbrella of excess especially material wealth. We live in this swirl of delicate gestures, driving desires, fantasy, economic complexity and interdependence, hierarchical separations, isolation and hope. I am trying to render some notion of this construction. These narratives can exist in a single canvas or can be played out through an entire series.”

Fish thinks of his paintings as psychologically charged images pregnant with personal meaning, speaking on themes paradoxically intimate and universal. “At their most successful, they could create a dialogue among themselves and the viewer,” he adds.

Fish graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and is planning to further his education at The State University of Yogyakarta. You can see more of his work at the AAF New Editions Exhibition which runs from 18 till 20 November at the F1 Pits Building in Marina South. Click here for more details.



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