AAF New Editions Exhibition: Tay Questal

Our focus today is on Tay Questal, a Fine Arts Degree student at LASALLE, College of the Arts, who also holds  a diploma in Business Studies (Marketing) from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Tay explains that her works are fundamentally about the sensation, rhythm, movement, feeling, and touch involved during the art making. “They are almost like a regression to primal experiences; longing for warmth associated with things that have a ‘human touch.’ My methods are often, deliberately tedious and repetitive- I am usually more concerned with my work processes than its final outcome. At the same time, my works also embody concepts of estrangement and our struggle to connect with one another in an isolating world. In that sense, my processes are usually reflections of a kind of obsession with love, death, heartache, longing and intimacy. However, my works are not about love and relationships per se, but a devotion with the minutia of everyday life. Art for me, is a spiritual expression with a certain kind of sincerity, an emotional catharsis in that sense. I believe there is hope within us and my works are about allowing that celebration of sensation to come through and to help foster an understanding of a collective experience.”

The body of work Tay is currently working on uses the ephemeral qualities of celebration as a symbol; as a desperation to bring people together, one that craves for connection but rarely getting it.

Her works from the It’s The Same series I & II will be on sale at the Affordable Art Fair from 18 till 20 November. Click here for more details.



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