AAF New Editions Exhibition: Danya Yu

Living and studying in different countries since childhood has made Danya Yu particularly interested in issues about the physicality of spaces and their relationship with culture and identity. As a painter, her artwork has a fantasy touch that expresses the excitement and glamour of exoticness. Danya describes herself as the “onlooker of local spaces that contain only her shadows”.

“Quoted from the novelist, Joseph Conrad, “the aim of art is to snatch a moment of remorseless rush of time and to rescued fragments to others”, my paintings are collage of reflections created by artificial lights, LCD screens and passerby. They do not aim to depict the speed of urbanity but to snapshot the dynamic and momentary interaction of people in metropolitan spaces. As mobility is emphasized and connections of people are beyond space and time in the era of technology, different ideas, perceptions, reference from both physical world and virtual reality open people’s future to myriads of possibilities or impossibilities. The surreal colors and dynamic perspectives in paintings celebrate the diversity of communication and connections. At the same time, the unconventional divisions of the painting and the use of various painting techniques also reflect our struggle of synchronizing differences in the era of plurality.”

Danya graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in 2010 and is currently doing her Degree (Hon) in Fine Arts at Loughborough University, UK.

You can view more of Danya’s work at the AAF New Editions Exhibition which runs from 18 till 20 November at the F1 Pits Building in Marina South. Click here for more details.



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