Exhib: Touch Points

Touch Points is a visual arts exhibition at Evil Empire that explores ways in which artists relate to contemporary society. The points of contact between artwork and artist are manifested through ideas of chance encounters and love for another, as well as reflections of neglected spaces and objects.

Susie Wong repeatedly traced her daughterʼs portrait eighteen times – one for every year of her childʼs life. She is fearful of loss and uses art to express her love for her only daughter. Wong says, “Many of my portraits were of family members and friends. Of my daughter, it is youth – that sublime thing that stands on that moment of loss – which is hard to capture.”

Shifting (Re)interation, by Jying Tan features innocuous pieces of cellophane shells of furniture. By seeking solace in the familiar, she has formed attachments to domestic objects such as cups, tables, wardrobes and her bed – all of which she has wrapped in cellophane for this artwork.

Ang Song Nianʼs works feature the absence of the human figure, yet its presence is presented in different forms. His photos often question the notion of human intervention in forgotten landscapes and confront what we usually do not notice.

Adeline Kuehʼs The Button Project is an exchange of a humble item – the unassuming button – as a means to create meaningful connections, conversations and stories.

“Relationships between individuals have lost the ʻtouch pointsʼ in which the simplest of connections are made,” says curator Kimberly Shen. “By engaging the viewer with everyday and nondescript occurrences, the artists featured offer various perspectives of the familiar, as well as of the forgotten.”

The aptly named Table for One is a year-long journey embarked by photographer Mintio. Upon an unexpected return to singlehood in 2009, she found herself dining out alone and started to observe, photograph and talk to other lone diners. She says, “During the process I wanted to believe that what I was doing was part therapy and that talking to these strangers will help me heal. On hindsight, all it took was the belief that everything happens for the better.”

Touch Points at Evil Empire, 48 Niven Road opens tomorrow and runs till 23 October.



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