Spotted! Benson Chong

A fresh graduate from LASALLE with a degree in Design Communication, Benson Chong likes design that is intentional and almost pragmatic, something emotionally useful and accessible to an audience, rather than something that’s based solely on aesthetic styling.

The Autopsy of Emotion is Benson‘s year-long thesis project that was driven by his obsession with dissecting human emotion, and also with adopting that experimental rigor towards structuring his design work in general. “The process of developing the project helped me to greater articulate the specifics of what I loved about design, and was a period of growth for me. I found myself studying a broad area of academia- from human brain anatomy and applied psychology to social philosophy- that seemed marginal but was important not only in developing a rational understanding but also in creating a subtextual appreciation of the clinical aesthetic, and a rooted enjoyment of the developmental process.”



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