Spotted! Marcus Yuen

23-year-old Marcus Yuen admits he is not a purist. Having studied interactive media at Nanyang Polytechnic and one semester of Graphic Communication at LASALLE, College of the Arts, he is now in his final year Advertising Communication. “I was always puzzled about what I wanted to be, so I decided to just try whatever came my way.”

P.O.E.T -Pleasure Opera Earl Tweed- is an online literary journal and cultural experiment. “It was the creation with four of my friends whom I met during my National Service, hoping to build our thoughts and musings on a visual/audio canvas. Sadly the second issue hit a halt due to various commitments, but I do hope to complete it one day.”

Quiet the Opposite Type is a typeface made entirely based on a caustic reflection effect. “The approach used for the typeface is based on a caustic reflection effect. This method was used because caustics are all around and normally overlooked. They are quiet, subtle and does not call for attention. But the journey for light to bounce off several surfaces to eventually reach it’s final reflected resting point is something nobody would ever think about.The method used to produce the typeface using a mirror paper also complimented the idea of the juxtaposition between what you can see and what can’t be. It was the hardest thing I ever did.”



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