Spotted! The Tan Brothers

Scarlet Carlson, comprised of Cornelyus Tan and his brother Zach, have thus far created a Women’s and Men’s accessory collection, and  they just came out with an online magazine – M.O.D.A – to showcase their creations.

“It has been our dream to start up a label and boutique since our early school days. And although our curriculum did not include fashion nor jewelry design, it is something that the both of us are very passionate about,” Zach explains. “The name -Scarlet Carlson- was inspired by the movie,V for Vendetta. We did not choose the name because of its dark connotation in the movie, but simply because we want people to know that we “cultivate” a unique design style.”

The boys drew on their nautical background to design the Women’s collection, which leaves you to drift in a world of emotional wreckage. Cornelyus notes: “Each piece in the Shipwrecked collection is designed to match the model, portraying a woman of  conflicting thoughts – hope and despair, love and bitterness- waiting for the right man to bring her out of her miry clay.”

Dubbed the Tenacious, the rough-hewn look of the Men’s Collection explores the inner voice of a man going through emotional turbulence, unwilling to let go of something dear to his heart.

The Scarlet Carlson collection is stocked at The Little Dröm Store.

PS: The next issue of M.O.D.A is planned for December, and the brothers are looking for aspiring models. Turn to page 29 to find out the details.



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