Exhib: The Hall of Mirrors by Bruce Quek

Opening today at The Substation Gallery is the Visual Art Open Call 2011 exhibition, an annual showcase initiated by The Substation in 2008 to support strongly artistic, critical and rigorous visual arts proposals. This year’s winning proposal is ‘The Hall of  Mirrors’, submitted by local artist Bruce Quek.

Bruce is a young artist who works with whatever seems appropriate at the time, often producing things which don’t seem to mean anything. This tendency might be traced to his training in sculpture at LASALLE, which often saw him scrounging for serendipitous pieces of scrap metal like some sort of deranged beachcomber.

The Hall of Mirrors is an installation that resembles an echo-chamber. Exploring the relationship between infrastructure and information flow, the project explores how conveyed information is often devoid of meaning and personal relevance. Situated in the gap between information and meaning, The Hall of Mirrors constantly changes and highlights the inexorable nature of time and the unpredictability of the environment. The installation uses publicly available and socially relevant statistics. The occurrence and reoccurrence of these statistics, measured in seconds and in minutes, are synchronised to clocks that constantly alert the viewers of their frequency and reality. The installation aggregates this information and ‘humanises’ these statistics by letting viewers experience them on a personal and individual level. Offering ample opportunity for reflection and self-examination, the work also asks the audience to consider the implications of the ways in which information is packaged and presented.

The Hall of Mirrors runs through 30 September at The Substation Gallery. Admission is Free.



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