3:10 by Inessa Loh and Dash Kadam

Inessa Loh and Dash Kadam are currently sitting in a Nanyang Polytechnic classroom, finishing their Diploma in Space and Interior Design. Dash moved here from Mumbai, when he was 15. A budding photographer, his photos can be swift and spontaneous, or calculated and meticulous. As for Inessa, she enjoys marveling at layouts and thought Dash’s idea to produce a zine was neat. So she joined him, and they are quite chuffed for you all to take a peek at what they have been working on.

Last month, the duo released their first issue, which boasts work from local photographers Prashant Ashoka and BaiShe (AKA Jovan Peh), as well as shots by Las Vegas based photographer, Wolf189 .

“We started talking about this zine in April,” Inessa quips. “We felt that with so much digital work around us now, we hardly print anything out anymore, to send to loved ones, or just for keepsake. So we wanted to relinquish that, by printing on something tangible, a zine in this case. Each zine features a variation of works, dominantly photography, but we have participating illustrators and writers too.”

Dash- “One day, we were trying to think up a name for the zine, when my watch started beeping. Then I realized that my watch goes off every day at the same time,  3:10am/pm. And that is how the name came about. The logo is an amputated hand with the time inscribed on the wrist. The ‘zombie’ hand would have a different sleeve every issue.”

“This project is currently set on a course of one year, published every two months, so only a total of six issues would be produced,” Inessa continues. “We just published the first one a month ago, and the second one is due soon. It is a self-initiated project, so all the funds for the production of the zine are from our own pockets. The zine is totally handmade, we print them ourselves, we trim the edges, we sew them up. We print a limited amount per batch, to keep it a little exclusive, we want to have it made into something almost like a collector’s item. If all goes well, we’ll keep up the zine for another year.”

3:10 Zines are stocked at BooksActuallyS U P E R M A M AThe Little Dröm Store and Cat Socrates and sell for $5 ($10 for international buyers).



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