Spotted! Liau Jian Wei

JW holds a Diploma in Digital Media Design from Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Interactive & Digital Media. The 22-year-old Multi-Disciplinary Designer is specialized in user-interface and web development, and -when time permits- he also experiments with other mediums such as print and photography.

JW about the featured works: “A spin on a typical game controller, iController is in essence a retro SNES Controller replicated in a digital interface. It gives users the look and impression of a generic game controller, effectively merging the design of the 90s with 21st century technology in the form of an iPhone or iPod Touch. Connecting wireless to your Mac or PC, it allows the ubiquitous iPhone to be conveniently transformed into a gaming controller.

The MacPaper Air is a 4R Photo Card designed to be “the world’s thinnest photo card yet”. Inspired by his love of Apple’s products, JW initially intended the MacPaper Air as a gift for friends to spread the Apple love. “After my friends complimented me on the design and even offered to buy it, I decided make my first foray into print media available commercially.”



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