Spotted! Wey Ling aka Veira

A consummate online shopper since  her early days in Uni, Wey Ling has always been on the lookout for statement bags and quirky fashion pieces; creative, practical and affordable. Harnessing her keen interest in business and fashion, she turned her guilty pleasures into profit by identifying online trends and sourcing for products from overseas suppliers for trade in the local fashion community. “Thanks to endless hours of shopping and trend spotting in the virtual space, I fell in love with so many bags and accessories that I started developing my own idea of how I wanted things to be. Eventually I started sketching my ideas on paper and this coupled with my keen interest in business, I decided to create my own line of bags. Although secretly, I believe it has a lot to do with my obsession of paper bags since young!”

Having found a niche market that shares her love for functional and fun bags, she decided to start her own line. Veira is the story of this engineer turned designer, and it is the story that Wey Ling wants to tell every modern woman: to be confident in her own style.

PS: LIKE the Veira Facebook page, select your favorite piece from the fall 2011 collection, and you stand a chance to win one! But hurry up, the contest ends 16 September.



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