Johnny Tay’s Seven Years in Dog-Land

“When Alice runs away from home to look for her lost dog, little she knows that she may never return. She stumbles upon the kingdom of Dog-Land, an alternate world where dogs are the masters, and humans, their pets. Under the crimson sky of this misshapen realm, the sprightly ten-year-old begins her true journey – of discovering what it truly means to be human – as she seeks a way back to our world.”

Seven Years in Dog-Land is Johnny Tay’s  second published title and is set in a gritty and cruel kingdom of dogs. “The near 300-page graphic novel is a ‘literary fiction’ that follows the adventures of a little girl in an alternate world where dogs are the masters, and humans, their pets. Through her trials and adventures, Dog-Land explores humans’ relationship with nature and the human condition itself.”

Johnny has been writing professionally since he was 18-years-old, after becoming triple-winner of the National Writing Competition (Singapore, 1997). A former editor at Reader’s Digest, his true passion is inspiring readers with original fiction – in the form of graphic novels. He previously produced and published a children’s action comic, Anima: Age of the Robots.

The e-book is partly readable for free online. The complete edition can only be obtained via Graphicly, and read anywhere on all major devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Andriod OS, Nook Colour, desktop or even web browser.



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