Spotted! Rachel Han

Graphic Designer, artist and type enthusiasts  Rachel Han is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Visual Communication at NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media. Deconstructing and being experimental with type, Rachel’s imaginative interpretation results in her attention to expressive typography of great depth and beauty. But what makes it interesting, is the way things are pieced together, and make an instantly recognizable yet twisted image to incite interpretations that anticipate the viewer’s discovery.

The first 3 artworks were part of the “SHAPESHIFTERS:3” exhibition, where students were paired up with local artists to help mentor and develop their skills. The artworks were mentored by DEM to create the final pieces as seen above.

“My work explores the nature of image making, particularly in customized typography,” Rachel continues. “To this end, I seek to communicate the distinction we make between image and type, the real and unreal and to capture infinite in a finite space. As a designer I’m inspired by eccentricities of form, shapes which is used to represent order, positive and negative space and complex layering over a grid. This perhaps sparked my attraction to delve into experimental type / visual design which involves fragmentation of activities , our habit of thinking in bits and parts.”



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