Rediscovering Void Decks

Void decks are unique to Singapore. It is used to describe the common spaces at the lobbies of public housing in Singapore. With over 80% of Singapore’s population residing in the these apartments, void decks are definitely part of every Singaporean’s life.

Rediscovering Void Decks is a project which seeks to inject public art into the heartlands. Is also pushes the frontiers of fine art into the masses, break the uniformity of void decks and pave the way for more creative uses of common spaces.

See how oils, acrylic and emulsion paints give the void deck at Holland Village a new breathe of live!

Participating artists are Ezekiel Wong Kel-Win, Stephanie, Elijah Choo, Khairulddin Fvlgvres, Cheong Kah Meng and Shaynvin Sng.

Rediscovering is organised by Artyii, a leading community for Asian emerging artists. Artyii showcases Asian art for collectors to buy art online.



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