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Photo credits (Top) Noel Yeo, Benjamin Naef, Stefan Khoo, Kubhaer T. Jethwani, Norman Teh, and Jing Quek. (Bottom) Gabe Chen and Norman Teh.

In the stirring wake of the elections, POSKOD.SG went live. The online magazine was born over a realisation that in 2011, discussions on Singapore no longer have to always be qualified with the pejorative. So POSKOD.SG celebrates our modern Singapore and the best of its people, places, and phenomena.

“We all have our issues with Singapore,” editor Dan Koh explains. “But I think in the last ten years – in particular this year – it’s becoming a more liveable country. We would like to capture that change, and in a small way, contribute towards it too. What we find exciting is that we’re only at the beginning of keeping Singapore interesting.”

The thrice-weekly online magazine has three categories: People, Places, and Phenomena. ‘People’ meets famous names of worth, including the fashion photographer Stefan Khoo and blogger-businesswoman Adrianna Tan, along with everyday heroes like street performer Tok-Tok Man. ‘Places’ uncovers forgotten yesteryear sites and tomorrow’s hotspots of excellence, such as Jalan Besar and SOTA. And ‘Phenomena’ engages with the significant cultural trends, narratives, and events of the day.

On National Day week, POSKOD.SG hosts an official launch party at the historical Goodman Arts Centre. Special section SOUNDSCAPING, which soundtracks Singapore, goes live with a mixtape curated by Tiramisu’s Rizman Putra. Futurist Adrian Cheok and other emerging minds share on the theme, “The Possibilities of _____ in Singapore”. POSKOD.SG’s articles will also be re-presented in an interactive video gallery, and up-and-comers Seyra and Justin perform.

POSKOD.SG Launch Party: Celebrating Modern Singapore is on 12 August, 7.30PM, at Goodman Arts Centre Amphitheatre, 90 Goodman Road. RSVP to by 9 August. Limited to the first 200.



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