Spotted! Lim Yaohui

Lim Yaohui works at the Singapore Botanic Gardens on weekdays and takes photographs on weekends. His current job involves planting trees and taking care of the plants. He dreams of becoming a full-time photographer once he has done his part for Mother Earth.

“As a sensitive observer with immaculate attention to detail, I hope to use photography as a medium to help those who do not have the opportunity to express themselves. I enjoy sharing my expertise with like-minded peers, and I have been actively involved in photography mentorship projects like Youths With Cameras with The Choice Initiative and InsideOut with Migrant Voices.”

Yaohui’s works have won several national and international accolades, including Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards (IPA) in 2008 and 2010. He also received a Bronze award in the Portraiture category of the 2011 Prix de la Photographie Paris competition, which saw over 4000 entries from around the world, for the featured series entitled Hug.



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