Spotted! Jayden Tan

Jayden Tan completed his diploma in Communication Design at LASALLE back in 2008, and pursued a degree at NAFA after a two-year NS stint. Now a fresh grad with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication, Jayden is keen to work as a designer that is not bound by any specific practice. “I have too many interest in design that led me to a myriad of design work, interestingly enough to label myself with the fancy term – multidisciplinary designer. I believe different design disciplines can always be mixed and matched to produce fresh, yet solid work.”

As a graphic design student, Jayden bashed through his fears of being a newbie at film-making, and went ahead and shot a short film for his graduation project. Jayden continues: “The short film, Alien/Citizen, is a lyrical expression in the concept of promoting a paper-loving culture. It is a love story that highlights the relationship between human and paper. I am extremely pleased that Alien/Citizen is currently shortlisted as finalist in four different film categories at the 2011 Crowbar Awards.”

Another entry that made it into the finals of the Crowbar Design Category is Heyday/Mayday,  an illustration/installation piece which Jayden did during his first semester at NAFA. “This work is a comment on society being conditioned to worship fame so much so that it has become an illusion that fame is nothing but money, high society status and the best thing in this world,” says Jayden. “Fame is the optical illusion of society.” Using the technique of ambiguous imagery, the images of three famous figures are hidden in different scenarios of natural disasters. “The heyday of a celebrity, or a dire mayday call for help?” – The ‘Mayday’ metaphor is using natural disasters to represent the torment that these celebrities faced. Viewers are being put to question themselves on whether they perceive the images as positive (the celebrity; the fame) or negative (the disaster). The installation adds an interactive aspect with the fusion of QR code technology and a slightly different optical illusion technique. Viewers can utilize their smartphones to scan the codes at the end of the “reverspective” tunnels to get brief information on the hidden celebrities in the ambiguous images.”



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