Spotted! Lui Yiling

Lui Yiling is a graphic designer and illustrator who likes to experiment with, and challenge various illustration styles. She applies her potential in illustration and design to various mediums, exploring unique concepts and themes that reflect her personal experiences, and subjects she is interested in or concerned about.

Yiling about her graduation project: “I will possess your heart is a self-initiated music video and branding project created for the indie rock band Death Cab for Cutie, telling a story about a stalker and a woman in the form of a viral and guerrilla marketing strategy. The Music video tells the story of how the stalker was first represented as a molecule, starting his journey with a constant search for the woman’s new home. He also starts capturing images of her, and it becomes his daily routine. His actions even went to some extremes such as renting a room across the street just to watch her taking the usual route to her work place, hiding behind the walls just to watch her or even having breakfast daily at her workplace at a Hotdog Stall located at London’s Brick lane. The idea of the music video is to slowly reveal who the stalker is as the intensity of the music goes higher.”



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