Spotted! Kai

Kai, who recently graduated from LASALLE, and is specialized in image and communication, pleases us with the bold colors and happy humour to his work.

Mctrash is Kai’s diploma project and includes two pages of a graphic novel, a Character A3 poster and a final concept A0 poster – Gachapon. “McDonalds is one of the largest organization responsible for creating tons of trash,” Kai explains. “We should realise it and use less of it. Don’t take the straw, do you really need it? How big are your lips and fingertips that you need to take so many napkins? Why do we order takeaways when we can have meals at the restaurant, and why do restaurants use unnecessary packaging like burger wrappers or disposable cups even when we eat inside the place? Gachapon, the concept behind this poster is to create awareness to people like you and me , who choose to be oblivious to the situation.”



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