Spotted! Salad Days

Salad days was first coined by Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, with her making references to her inexperience and youthful days. In this modern day, Salad days refers to a person’s heyday when somebody is at the peak of his/her abilities—not necessarily in that person’s youth.

It all began a year ago, while at their usual lunch date in the heart of the Central Business District, it became apparent to two good friends Doranne Loke and Michelle Phng- that there was a lack of good quality, affordable work wear available. They decided to take things into their own hands, by custom making their own work wear. As the dresses were an immediate hit, they decided to fill the gap in the market by founding SALAD DAYS.

“Targeted at the fashion and quality conscious working woman, SALAD DAYS brings to you timeless pieces with a versatile flair, that will take you straight from the meeting to the after work cocktails,” the girls explain. “Fabrics are handpicked and complemented with solid workmanship, creating dresses that will brighten your days from 9-9!”



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