Undiscovered Winner: Susmar Pinango de Meyssignac

Susmar Pinango de Meyssignac bagged the critics award at this year’s Undiscovered organized by Raw Art. Culturepush talks to her about life and work in Singapore.

“I lived in Venezuela the first 24 years of my life. In 2006 I married my French boyfriend and moved to Singapore. This was my first time living in a country other than my chaotic Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Obviously the first months I was kind of homesick, and as I got pregnant one month after moving to Singapore, I missed my country a lot, so we went back home for two months. During Christmas 2006 we came back, and I started appreciating Singapore much more. I started to love watching the food, the eateries and all … and I found INSPIRATION !!! I was impressed by the way the food is showcased, impresed by the diversity which is a window to the multicultural side of Singapore.”

Susmar about her work: “The way I work changed a lot after I moved to Singapore. First of all, I became mother, then I had new rules with respect to time, and I had a lot of new inspiration. I was especially impressed by the every day, common and convivial situations in eateries in Singapore. I tried to fix in my mind one image which appeared to me like a revelation, for example, ducks like dancers with ligths and positions in a show, or squids watching around … I mean I discovered a kind of dimension where reality and fiction come together, and it’s this experience I try to catch in my drawings. Sometimes I get the image, sometimes the “revelation” is lost between sketches and papers … lots of elements are lost, others are found and at the end I can see the meaning is powerful thanks to this whole process. As time is precious when you are a mother, I make first several sketches that I can work with easily in my “spare” time. When I have a clear idea of the whole thing, I transfer it to paper, and then I can spend more than two hours every day making the details. I need details, it is my way of paying attention, it is my way to concentrate … I need lines, points, and I even try to work with colors. I hear my hand, my eyes, I trusted them and I support this black and white obsession like an answer to our color saturated lives.”

About the winning work -Roasted- (Top Image) : “The Chinese gastronomy requires the fulfilment of three senses: sight, smell and taste. The dishes therefore must come up to certain expectations such as colour, odour and flavor. The colour of the dish must satisfy the sight because the first gastronomic pleasure is aesthetic. The second chapter, roasted, tries to find reason in the very first pleasure at sight but, in this image it’s almost a mutual thing: The ducks seem to be «pleased» with their destiny. Is that a way to minimize (or ease) the fact that we humans love to see the cute creatures we are going to eat? Is that a way to pay respect for them as if they could be pleased to be eaten?”



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