Exhibition: Design In Progress

Addressing three issue affecting Singaporeans today -Health, Environment and Social- 60 graduating students from the SIM-RMIT University Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) (BDCD), set out to explain how design communicates and informs society during a 3-day event. The exhibition, which is a culmination of their degree programme, will showcase the students as not only designers and problem solvers to design solutions, but solution givers to problems in society today. They believe that the designer’s ability to be creative is not enclosed to just design alone, but to society too.

“We have found three pressing problems: Schizophrenia, Global Warming and Inferiority Complex; yet we do not realize that at least one of these issues affects us and our loved ones in someway. Join us and see how we come up with design solutions to help improve these issues.What is design? We can say, and agree to a large extent, that design is omnipresent. The power of design intrigues and articulates the architectural process of the human minds, creating wonders, beauty and solutions in our everyday lives.”

Design in Progress runs from 8 to 10 July at Orchard Central, Level 1 Atrium, 181 Orchard Road.



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