Spotted! Shawn Siow

Shawn Siow has been reading comics for longer than he can remember. His love for the artform was instant, and enough to turn him into a comic artist. Shawn has been involved in numerous comic related projects, events, seminars and workshops. And finally this year, he launched his first comic, “PROJECT RED”.

Shawn about his comic: “This book represents our attempt at creating a comic that features Singapore’s very first superhero team, to consider what the circumstances would be like for something like this to happen. We wanted to use the book to explore Singapore’s local heritage and the various characters such as the Pontianak or the boy from the Red Hill story that are common to our own myths and legends. Whenever we read about these characters and their stories, we often wonder where their special abilities come from, and whether these were actually the genesis for our own local superheroes. We felt that it would be fun to reinvent and showcase them to the public, not in a conventional manner, but by re-introducing them as humans with special abilities or essentially “superheroes”. Thus was born the idea of forming a multi-racial superhero team that reflected the state of our society and our structure.”

Project Red can be picked up from all major bookstores.



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