Spotted! Dhiya Muhammad

Dhiya Muhammad is a BA (Hons) Design Communication student from LASALLE,  specializing in Graphic communication.

Pictured is a detail from Dhiya’s GNRTV project which was showcased at the LASALLE grad show, and is well worth a look. “It is an extension of my BA thesis project titled AVI -Audio’s Visual Identity”, Dhiya explains. “AVI explores the visual identity of sound and adapting it to push the methodologies in design. The project is research driven, the process is experimental influenced and the outcomes are process oriented. The approach of the project adapts chance explorations and the process happens in a trial-and-error and a back-and-forth way. It’s an adventure between the hands and the brain that is both systematic and intuitive, and cannot be generalized. GNRTV translates as “GENERATIVE”. In this extension of AVI, generative, automated and computational methodologies such as data-bending, programming and electronics are adapted to produce works driven by sound that analyzes a certain sounds’ data and representing it in its naturally reasonable and logical forms.”

Hit the link for more information about Dhiya’s project.



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