Spotted! Vanessa Yeo

Vanessa Yeo is in her final year at the London College of Communication, and she believes she can change the world. “I had always imagined that only the greatest inventors, mathematicians or scientists but hardly designers, would be the people who would most likely be able to change the world.  This is especially so in Singapore, where the design industry is still in its infancy and developing.  I consider myself fortunate to be given the opportunity to develop my interest in Interaction Design, and above all, enjoying what I am doing. The best thing about interaction design is the ability to evoke emotion in people and the creativity it stimulates in a world of ever-changing technology platforms.”

“My projects revolve around what already exists, such as people, human identity, and everyday objects. There is beauty in the existing, and interaction design can help people to appreciate and understand it. I want to think of fresh new ideas such as creating simple objects like Maywa Denki’s ‘Knockman Family’, that can brighten someone’s day, or something innovative in the footsteps of Ideo, which can change the way people live. Slowly but surely, after gaining more work experience and exposure in the industry, I hope to translate those ideas into reality. I will then be confident to dare say that I am on my way to changing the world.”



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