Spotted! Shawn Yap

Comic artist, writer and freelance illustrator Shawn Yap is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Visual Communications at NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media. Shawn is also a published author of two graphic novels – “Jack Doe: Anonymous” and his latest book “Closets”, a tale based on his childhood. “I love drawing, a skill picked up from my father. However, I love telling stories even more and I relish in trying out different mediums to tell them – from graphic novels, to card games and short films. I take most of my inspiration from my own life; whether it be from the experiences of my terribly exciting childhood or the daily observations of the people I meet. I love many strange things; wrestling included, and I am often not afraid to let you know about it, so beware.”

Having accomplished his dream of owning a PS3, Shawn now sets his sights on the next big thing – his very own wrestling ring. Apart from that, he’s been working on new games and books, so watch this space.



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