Spotted! Joshua Lee

Joshua Lee is a graphic designer with a twist of interactive zest. He is currently pursing a BA (Hons) in Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication — specialising in Information Design. “I prefer to think of graphics as a means to explain and storytell rather than sell. I’m fascinated by how visualising subjects and issues can provide new perspectives, shape opinions and spark discussions. I also feel that there is an urgent need for data to be curated, contextualised and conveyed with clarity and immediacy in a world where we are faced with information fatigue and overload.”

Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow (Top Image) is an infographic that aims to provide insight in the challenges faced by Europe’s dirtiest city, London. Joshua explains: “It is a visual landscape of litter and bins documented from 11 streets within the SOHO district and designed to reveal underlying patterns which we can investigate. Looking at the data raises concerns such as infrastructure, social behaviour, law and policies which are factors that affect cleanliness. The same methodology can be applied onto other districts and eventually offering us a fuller picture. This piece was born out of a synthesis between London and the colour yellow, and embodies Edward de Bono’s White Hat Thinking — a process which believes that mapping facts and figures draws you a route to a solution instead of wasting time arguing over details. The 1854 Cholera Epidemic was resolved when physicist John Snow located a contaminated water pump using mapped information.”



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