Spotted! Yi-Jun, Ian

Studying Visual Art in Junior College set the groundwork for what Yi-Jun Ian likes to call future manifestations of psychosis. “It was while I was in the army that I started dabbling in craft and design. Be it T-shirt design, the making of fossil headpieces, or embellishing shutter shades, this frivolous hobby soon took a life of it’s own even after I was over and done with National Service. I am currently waiting to be matriculated into NTU to study Art, Design and Media.”

Ian about his designs: “As part of my current obsession with the concept of wearable art, my strongest series has been to vest greater meaning and amp the visual impact of an otherwise over-hyped accessory, the shutter shade. With themes running the gamut of movies, social commentaries and conspiracies,  the shades were embellished with any and every found material such as buttons, cable-ties, embossing tape and aluminum foil. I get my inspiration primarily from pop culture, which has mushroomed to include the anthem of wearing your heart on your sleeve, since the entrance of one Lady Gaga. music, lyrics, movies, wordplay, dreams and nightmares, good and bad emotions are also mulled over, processed and then translated into my work. It was only late last year and this year that I started making shades as Christmas and birthday presents for some of my closest friends and associates. Now, I am considering the commercial route.”



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