Spotted! Eve Tan

Eve Tan graduated from Raffles Design Institute with a degree in Fashion Design. She was a finalist in the Triumph Inspirational Award in 2009. She also represented Singapore in the Aquafina Fashion show in Vietnam and was awarded Best Collection in 2009.

“I have always been inspired to encounter many different cultures and lifestyles from all over the world.  A free spirit with an endless passion for life, I aim to create clothing that translates exactly that. I believe in balancing comfort with style.  “Because only with comfort, can style come naturally.” I want to see confidence and comfort from women of all ages, because they deserve it. I want women to feel strong and free, fun and lively. Age is just a number, what matters most is the spirit. Let that spirit run free and experience the world with an open heart. With this believe, I wish to translate that into clothing and have everyone experience that freedom that they deserve.”

Eve‘s debut collection, Cottage Secret, is inspired by Old English Cottages. The mood of which is a slow, charming and cosy place where time seems to hold still, unshaken and natural. “I create this mood by mixing hard and soft fabrics – the very unique Indian silk weave with modal jersey. The Indian silk fabric creates a very strong detail while the jersey drapes with effortless elegance. This collection focuses mainly on drapery and a loose silhouette to create depth and also to allow the clothes to speak and move with the woman’s body.”

Eve is available at PARCO NEXT! 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk P2-3.



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