Spotted! Yahn Adam

Buzz is building around Yahn Adam’s jewellery collection launching on May 1. Yahn is not your typical jewellery designer. The engineer turned designer was among the twelve regional finalists to represent Singapore at the Starcreation 2010 fashion contest. He was approached by Douglas Benjamin for a vigorous internship with FJ Benjamin,  where he designed some of the spring/summer 2011 accessories for RAOUL. Yahn was also the winner of the Sembonia‘s Bag My Style 2010 contest, and his winning design will be sold at all Sembonia outlets and boutiques as part of the Spring Summer 2011 collection.

Yahn’s debut jewellery collection, entitled “I Will Never Die”, is inspired by an infamous Malaysian pop singer turned witch doctor in the 1990s, Mona Fandey.  “As most women are often being perceived as conservative and silenced, I believe that there is an illustrious inner-strength that is yet to be unleashed. It dreams up an image of a wanderer,  a woman who seeks solace and freedom in the darkness where she seems to have lost her way out.
Today, I envision a woman who is resilient and empowering,  one who dares to be separated.”

Until the launch of the website on May 1, you can visit Yahn’s facebook page for more exciting designs.



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