Spotted! Geraldine Kang

We recently came across photographer Geraldine Kang, and were suitably impressed with her portfolio which only adds to the joy of unexpectedness that greets you with each project.

Geraldine is currently in her final year at the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU and will be graduating this coming May. Her photographic interests have consistently revolved around people and portraiture. She genuinely enjoys conversation and makes an effort to connect with people, and learn vicariously through their experiences. “In my images, I often attempt to elucidate a plausible truth or reality of a single identity, or untangle the dynamics of personal relationships. My method is very deliberate, and I believe in the appropriateness and poetry of utilizing fictional or staged encounters to reflect actualities, albeit through the limits of my own voice. As an image maker, I try to push the ability of the one single image to tell the most pregnant story possible about the situation at hand, at one given point in time.”

The first two images are from her In The Raw series, about which Geraldine says the following: “The series proposes a way of using nudity that deals with the comfort of the natural body, and to use this framework to talk about issues that concern human nature and family bonds. It also deals with the involvement of my family in image-making practice that is commonly frowned upon within Singapore. The work comprises staged fictional episodes loosely based on memories that I share with both immediate and extended family. I seek to elucidate matters of tension that are not frequently discussed, or considered taboo among the family in general. These include challenging the physical and emotional boundaries between family in close proximity, death, as well as a reflection on parent-child and intergenerational relationships.”

Portraits of a Young Artist (Images 3 and 4) is an investigative series into the personalities of ten young image makers, all of whom are my friends. Each sitter was asked questions about their work and private lives to provide information with which I attempted to extract the ’emotional core’ of their personalities. I chose the bedroom as a common setting as it is a telling, intimate space, filled with clues to cue viewers on the background stories and quirks of these individuals.”

Visit Geraldine’s gallery now, without hesitation.



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