Spotted! Trixie Khong

Crafting since she was 16, Trixie Khong has since dipped her hands into jewellery making and runs local label By Invite Only™ as the designer and brand manager. Trained in Public Relations from the National University of Singapore, Trixie continues to learn from industry experts and inspired individuals around her. She was also recently nominated as one of the 100 most inspiring real women by

Founded in 2009, By Invite Only™ specializes in handmade jewellery and accessories. Coming from humble beginnings, the label stocked their jewellery online and largely survived through word-of-mouth. Slowly it has expanded to stock in physical shop spaces such as Antipodean, The Asylum Shop, The Hansel Shop and at The Curious Teepee.

Trixie about her collection: “The featured collection NATURE//NUTURE is a style-line that celebrates the many elements of the environment and how it plays a part in our lives. With jewellery pieces using natural materials like semiprecious stones and crystals, fused with elements like Gold and Silver to create a new magical look that is raw yet contemporary all at once. In this new lot, crystals like quartz, pyrite (fools gold), amethyst, citrine, agate and agate geodes are used to create timeless pieces.”



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