Spotted! Amy Goh

Amy Goh is a Mcgill English major, who masquerades at night as an exhibiting artist. She was nourished on moldy stories swept ashore from the moody seas of Singapore. Amy once believed, as a child, that she was not fully human but was, in actual fact, a cat changeling. She also believed that she could turn invisible and thought the landscape of her house a mythic playground populated by non-existent beings, so this should not be entirely surprising.

“My images are inspired by a drive to articulate a language that can describe the land of sunken cities dreaming, beyond the veil of daytime reality. I derive my imagery from unconscious embarkations to such shadowy shores of dream from which I bring back fragmented narratives that I hope will resonate with daily anxieties and fears.”

Amy dreams of winding corridors and cellars filled with wood-scented shadows. She is working in Montreal and adores brie cheese, soya milk, life sipped in a dew the colour of chardonnay, and sometimes, she likes to harbour grey daydreams of taking over the world.

  • Thanks, Michele! I appreciate it :)



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