Visual Street Artists Call to Battle! Are you Game?

FACE OFF is Asia’s first street artist tournament. Inspired by Secretwars UK and Europe, this event is the first step to creating the Asian League.

The program is a sudden death tournament where two street artists battle it out live. The tournament kicks off with a double header: The KillerGerbil and TraseOne will do a demonstration alongside the competitors zero3sixtyfive and Addica (addicted to ink cans.)

The artists have 90 minutes to draw or paint in black on white an image that will be judged by the crowd. Invited Judges, TraseOne and the KillerGerbil will give the critic’s choice and the crowd will vote with their feet on the night for the winner.

The rules are simple: free form, black on white, single medium, 8ft x 8ft boards, no extra time, one brush or marker. Winner takes all.

War breaks out on March 30 with round 1 at The Hall, Old School, Mt Sophia. The bar opens at 6.30pm and the first battle commences at 8.00. Tickets: $12.50 at gatecrash or $15.00 at the door.



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