Spotted! Elaine Tan

Amado Gudek created by artist and brand manager Elaine Tan, is a range of organically inspired resin jewelry individually sculpted and cast by hand.

Elaine completed her degree in Fashion Marketing and Management at Raffles Design Institute in 2009, and bagged the top student award for her academic achievements. She then did her master’s in Fashion Brand Management at Istituto Marangoni (London). “Upon returning to Singapore,  I was fuelled by an urge to remember and translate my experience in London into something constructive. In November 2010, the idea of Amado Gudek was conceived and aptly named after two of my best friends in London.”

Amado Gudek is conceptualised by elements of nature transformed into oddities, with a focus on texturing and an atypical twist in the symbolic play of colours. Its organically-inspired resin jewellery are individually sculpted and cast by hand. “My latest collection is built around the concept of an ‘occult octopus’. I focused on the sinuous curves of the octopus arms -commonly mistaken as tentacles- and the suction cups on the arms. Some of the pieces are made in mysterious colours of gold, black, white, while some others are made in magical colours of ice, mandarin amber and sea amethyst. My intention was to convey the tension between its dark nature to surreptitiously hide from predators, and its seemingly magical abilities of distinguishing the polarisation of light.”

Amado Gudek’s wearable art pieces are available at Dulcetfig, 41 Haji Lane and online.



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