Spotted! Clifford Loh

19-year-old Clifford Loh is currently a full-time National Serviceman who recently shot the Blueprint campaign for the NoelCaleb, Max Tan S/S 2011 Lookbook. “Clifology is my pseudonym, and he is a person who hopes to spend some time in places like NYC, Paris, Greece and Amsterdam, to immerse himself in the arts and culture. He loves art, fashion, good movies, sophisticated electronic music and inspired people.”

About his work: “The shoot was inspired by the film Belle Du Jour but with a twist; the models -featured as the prostitutes- are clad in luxurious clothing accessories. Over the top styling by Erin Loh and Ixchel Aw also made the shoot stand out from other creative work I’ve done in the past. The overall mood is dark and fantastical, which draws the viewer into contemplating the circumstances of these women, and also to marvel at how these symbols contribute to a beautiful picture when all is weaved together. Another interesting point of the shoot was the backdrop where we tried to mimic a bed/corner of a room which we happily draped with lots of textures and fabrics.”



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