Spotted! Izziyana Suhaimi

In her works, Izziyana Suhaimi explores the peculiarities of existence in the chaos of the modern world. Preferring to work with craft-based techniques, she is attracted to the evidence of the hand and its time-consuming aspect, which runs counter to the instant gratification and mass production centred age of today. “I love to work with different mediums and so far I have been combining needlework, photography, found images, illustration and text, using these mediums to tell stories drawn from my own life and inspired by books, films and the internet.”

“Friends to keep you warm started from late nights browsing through Fall/Winter fashion collections and obsessively saving every outfit or image I like. I was fascinated by the stories each outfit tells and the narrative that every collection builds. I wanted to get my hands on the heavy knits and scarves and hats and sweaters and coats and gloves and leg warmers. Since these fashion luxuries were a tad more than what I could afford or even wear in the sweltering Singapore heat, I started drawing and embroidering them. At that time, I was also reading a lot of fashion blogs and these were what kept me company at night, hence the title (“friends” referring to the people and the clothes). I am very much attracted to the fantasy that fashion creates and the amount of effort, work, passion and dedication it takes to keep the industry going. It’s insane. But I understand that the world of fashion is not all rosy and magical. Hence with each piece in Friends to keep you warm, I try to express both elements, especially in creating a story about each girl.”

Izzy’s hand-sewn prints are available from the little dröm store.



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