Fringe Festival: Primary 1 by Jemima Yong

Opening today at the Jendala Visual Art Space is Primary 1, and installation by Jemima Yong. Malaysian by nationality but born and bred in Singapore, UK-based Jemima is a performance artist whose photography work as been showcased on London Theatre Blog and used by The Times newspaper. She regularly collaborates with various performance artists in London as well, and was the head of Programming for The Accidental Festival in 2010 at London’s Battersea Arts Centre. “My work so far explores identity and memory through photography, live performance and installation. “I am very interested in the bridges between imagination and reality and discovering the secrets in everyday stories. I am passionate about exploring the role of art in developing the world’s relationship towards education, the environment and each other.”

Jemima about her work: “Drawn from a personal experience of an education in Singapore, Primary 1 is an investigation into the potency of visual imagery as a tool that shapes the young minds of a society. The installation has been created as a direct response to images in Primary School Education. The work questions and aims to discuss how education shapes young minds -both positively and negatively- as it traverses the delicate line between asserting idealism and celebrating reality. Exploring the balance between homogeny and diversity, globalisation and nationalism, Primary 1 looks at the ideas we enshrine and wonders why we chose them. This work has been made in collaboration with Irish interdisciplinary artist Sian Ni Muiri and UK artist Peter Reed.”

The exhibition runs through 23 January. Admission is free.



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