Spotted! Paul Nathaphol Sirivitpakdikul

Close to fifty original fashion collections were showcased at the Raffles College DIRECTION Graduation Exhibition and Fashion Show earlier this month.

Judged by Kim Reyes, Editor Designaré, Alfie Leong, Designer and Owner of “MU” and Desmond Yang, Designer and Owner of Abyzz, the winning diploma collection went to 20-year-old Paul Nathaphol.

About the collection: “Fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are.” – Quentin Crisp. Founded Necessity is the journey of a lost African nomad who ended up through a series of unfortunate events in a place with an extreme cold weather. His only means of survival was to adapt and apply all of his skills as a hunter in order to endure this strange world. The necessity to wearing clothing alone was one of his biggest challenge. He had to recreate his image as a new age hunter, while still wearing the skins of his warrior days.”



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