Spotted! Ava Tan

Born in 1984 in Shan Dong province, Ava Tan (Tan Lei) first came to experience painting through the traditional masters, and later fell in love with painting as she continued to fervently pursue summer programs in Beijing before enrolling at the local art high school.

“At the same time, as focused upon painting as I had been, it took my education at LASALLE, to affirm my continued dedication to the brush and pigment. Having earned a scholarship from the Ministry of Education of Singapore, as well as LASALLE to push my work even further, I found the direction I needed to express the essence of humanity that was capable of being as vulnerable as it was strong.”

Ava about her work: “My current work explores an inward turning world that appears incongruent from the workings of a sensing body. Through a voyeuristic glass that is turned upon the skin trade and its various participants, it is at once a sympathetic and disparate view of an amorphous body image when the lines between performance and reality are blurred in the eyes of others as they are turned in upon oneself.”



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